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    Company Profile
    Established in the year 2006, we, Aromablendz, operate from the prime location of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We deal in a range of finest quality of pure and effective spa and beauty products that are made from standard quality ingredients and materials. We are totally cautious about the quality of our products which is why rigorous quality measures are taken  to test the solutions once they are manufactured. Whether it is dispatching the products for third-house party inspection or in-house, we follow the norms throughout and do accept any sort of negligence. 

    Our Team

    When it comes to team or human resources we’ve been very lucky as we have the back of most talented professionals in our company. We are totally grateful to our team as they have always contributed in our growth and development. They strive to bring forth products that are demanded by customers.   

    Our Product Portfolio

    We, Aromablendz, are situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra and are known for offering a range of premium quality beauty and spa products like the ones outlined in the table:

    • Aromablendz Premixed Oils
      • Aromablendz Premium Combination Base Oil
      • Aromablendz Premium Relaxation Oil
      • Aromablendz Muscle Recovery Oil
      • Aromablendz Lavender Body Massage Oil
      • Aromablendz Lime Body Massage Oil
      • Aromablendz Citrus Blast Body Massage Oil
      • Aromablendz Peppermint Body Massage Oil
      • Aromablendz Scalp Treatment Oil
      • Aroma blendz Premium Massage Oil
      • Aromablendz Slimming And Weight Loss
      • Aromablendz Cellufirm Gel Aqua
      • Aromablendz Cellufirm Gel & Wrap Clove
      • Aromablendz Cellutone Oil
      • Aromablendz Cellulite Control Oil
      • Aromablendz Thermogenic Weight Loss Wrap
      • Aromablendz Skin Firming Detox Herbal Pack
    • Aromablendz Base Oils
      • Aromablendz Almond Oil
      • Aromablendz Apricot Oil
      • Aromablendz Jojoba Oil
      • Aromablendz Coconut Oil
      • Aromablendz Grape Seed Oil
      • Aromablendz Avocada Oil
      • Aromablendz Peanut Oil
      • Aromablendz Sesame Oil
      • Aromablendz Safflower Oil
      • Aromablendz Wheat Germ Oil
      • Aromablendz Llp Oil
      • Aromablendz Crude Sunflower Oil
      • Aromablendz Corn Oil
      • Aromablendz Olive Oil
      • Aromablendz Sunflower Oil
      • Aromablendz Refined Sunflower Oil
      • Aromablendz Sunflower Oil
      • Aromablendz Almond Oil
      • Aromablendz Olive Base Oil 500
      • Aromablendz Corn Oil
    • Aromablendz Essential Oils
      • Aromablendz Geranium Oil
      • Aromablendz Patchouli Oil
      • Aromablendz Rosemary Oil
      • Aromablendz Nutmeg
      • Aromablendz Pine Oil
      • Aromablendz Peppermint Oil
      • Aromablendz Rosewood Essential Oil
      • Aromablendz Vetiver Essential Oil 500
      • Aromablendz Sweet Basil Oil
      • Aromablendz Bergamot Oil
      • Aromablendz Camomile Oil
      • Aromablendz Clary Sage Oil
      • Aromablendz Cyprus Oil
      • Aromablendz Eucalyptus Oil
      • Aromablendz Ginger Oil
      • Aromablendz Jasmine Oil
      • Aromablendz Juniper Oil
      • Aromablendz Orange Oil
      • Aromablendz Marjoram Oil
      • Aromablendz Rose Reconstituted Oil
      • Aromablendz Ylang Ylang Oil
      • Aromablendz Sandalwood Oil
      • Aromablendz Lime Oil
      • Aromablendz Tea Tree Oils
      • Aromablendz Mandarin Oil
      • Aromablendz Neroli Oil
      • Aromablendz Lavender Oil
      • Aromablendz Vetiver Oil
      • Aromablendz Petitgrain Oil
      • Aromablendz Lemon Oil
      • Aromablendz Lemon Grass Oil
      • Aromablendz Cinnamon Essential Oil
      • Aromablendz Rose Reconstituted Essential Oil 500
      • Aromablendz Sandalwood Essential Oil 500
    • Aromablendz Face Treatment Packs
      • Aromablendz Cucumber and Mint Face Treatment Pack
      • Aromablendz Herbal Face Treatment Pack
      • Aromablendz Chocolate Mint Face Treatment Pack
      • Aromablendz Face Treatment Pack
      • Aromablendz Facial Packs
      • Aromablendz Herbal Facial Pack
      • Aromablendz Herbal Lavender Face Treatment Pack
      • Aromablendz Tulsi and Turmeric Face Pack
      • Aromablendz Vanilla Face Treatment Pack
      • Aromablendz Strawberry Face Pack
    • Aromablendz Face Scrubs
      • Aromablendz Apricot Lemongrass Face Scrub
      • Aromablendz Chocolate Facial Scrub
      • Aromablendz Cucumber & Mint Face Scrub
      • Aromablendz Exfoliating Lavender Face Scrub
      • Aromablendz Rice and Oatmeal Face Scrub
      • Aromablendz Orange & Papaya Moisturizing Face Scrub
    • Aromablendz Body Gels
      • Aromablendz Aloe Vera Body Gel
      • Aromablendz Citrus Body Gel
      • Aromablendz Lavender Body Gel
      • Aromablendz Lime Body Massage Gel
      • Aromablendz Massage Gels
      • Moisturizing Gel
      • Aromablendz Aloevera And Orange Skin Nourishing Gel
      • Aromablendz Green Apple Body Gel
      • Aromablendz Peppermint Body Gel
      • Aromablendz Cellufirm Body Gel
      • Aromablendz Cinnamon And Clove Body Gel
      • Aromablendz Aqua Cellufirm Gel
      • Aromablendz Hammam Body Gel
      • Aromablendz Lemon Grass Body Gel
    • Aromablendz Face Creams
      • Aromablendz Skin Creams
      • Aromablendz Lavender Almond Face Creams
      • Aromablendz Rose Face Cream
      • Aromablendz Marine Algae Face Cream
      • Aromablendz Vanilla Face Cream
      • Aromablendz Orange And Aloevera Face Cream
    • Aromablendz Body Wraps
      • Aromablendz Body Hydrating Wrap
      • Aromablendz Marine Algae Body Wrap
      • Aromablendz Rich Chocolate Body Wrap
      • Aromablendz Strawberry Detox Body Wrap
      • Aromablendz Cellufirm Gel & Body Wrap
    • Aromablendz Pedicure Station And Trolleys
      • Aromablendz Pedicure Station CS 4004
      • Aromablendz Pedicure Station CS 4012
      • Aromablendz Pedicure Station CS 4008
    • Aromablendz Massage Beds
      • Aromablendz Wooden Massage Bed CS 5011
    • Aromablendz Vaporizers Cum Ionizers
      • Ionizer
    • Aromablendz Electrical Ceramic Diffusers
      • Aromablendz Air Fresheners
      • Aromablendz Oil Burner
      • Aromablendz Light Diffuser
      • Aromablendz Electric Ceramic Diffuser

    • Aromablendz Spa Range
      • Aromablendz Herbal Massage Oil
      • Aromablendz Muscle Pain Oil
      • Basil Touch Massage Oil
      • Aromablendz Hair Care Cosmetics
    • Aromablendz Ayurvedic Range
      • Aromablendz Abhyanga Taila
      • Aromablendz Abhyanga Taila with Citrus Extracts
      • Aromablendz Joint Pain Relief Oil
      • Aromablendz Ayurvedic Pain Oil
      • Aromablendz Hot Stone And Chakra Therapy Oil
      • Aromablendz Kesh Yug Taila
      • Aromablendz Shirodhara Oil
      • Aromablendz Ayurvedic Body Oil
      • Aromablendz Ayurvedic Herbal Potli Massage
    • Aromablendz Sp Combo Product Kits
      • Aromablendz Aqua Anti Cellulite Kit
      • Aromablendz Face Treatment Kit
      • Aromablendz Facial Kit
      • Aromablendz Toning & Anti Cellulite Kit
      • Aromablendz Coffee Mint Foot Treatment Kit
      • Aromablendz Home Spa Facial Kit
      • Aromablendz Pedicure Kit
      • Aromablendz Pedicure Set
      • Aromablendz Foot Care Kit
    • Aromablendz Disposable Spa Wear
      • Aromablendz Bathroom Slipper
      • Aromablendz Disposable Face Wipes
      • Aromablendz Towel Slippers
      • Aromablendz Male Brief
      • Aromablendz Disposable Bra
      • Aromablendz Disposable G-String And Head Bands
      • Aromablendz Disposable Shower Caps
      • Aromablendz Terry Cotton Open Toe Slippers
      • Aromablendz Female Briefs
      • Aromablendz Elastic Bra Black
      • Aromablendz Disposable Aprons Plain
      • Aromablendz Female Brief
      • Aromablendz Face Wipes
      • Aromablendz Thongs Black Seamless
      • Aromablendz Unisex Briefs
      • Aromablendz Thongs
      • Aromablendz Slippers Non Woven Disposable
      • Aromablendz Body Towel (30 x 50)
      • Aromablendz Disposable Towel
      • omablendz Reusable Apron
      • Aromablendz Slippers Terry Cotton Close
      • Aromablendz Slippers Terry Cotton Open
      • Aromablendz Disposable Bedsheet 40 x 80" 30gsm
      • Aromablendz Disposable Plastic Aprons
      • Aromablendz Disposable Bra And Langot
      • Aromablendz Disposable Bed Sheet
      • Aromablendz Disposable Terry Slipper
      • Aromablendz Hotel Slipper
      • Aromablendz Face Swipes Facial Wipe
      • Aromablendz Assorted Disposable Underwear
      • Aromablendz Plastic Shower Cap
      • Aromablendz Bed Sheet
    • Aromablendz Shampoo Station Chair
    • Aromablendz Spa Accessories
      • Aromablendz Hot Stone Set Of 45 Pieces Stones
      • Aromablendz Massage Stone 18 Quart Heater
      • Aromablendz 6 Quart Heater
      • Aromablendz Hot Stone Set 11 Pieces
      • Aromablendz G5 Vibrating Machine
    • Aromablendz Diffuser Oils
      • Aromablendz Sandalwood Diffuser Oil
      • Aromablendz Citrus Diffuser Oil
      • Aromablendz Rose Diffuser Oil
      • Aromablendz Lemongrass Diffuser Oil
    • Aromablendz Steam Oils
      • Aromablendz Eucalyptus Steam Oil 70%
      • Aromablendz Eucalyptus Steam Oil 50%
    • Aromablendz Body Scrubs
      • Aromablendz Orange And Green Tea Body Scrub
      • Aromablendz Tea Tree Body Scrub
      • Aromablendz Walnut Body Scrub
      • Aromablendz Rich Chocolate Body Scrub
      • Aromablendz Coffee Sugar Body Polishing Scrub
      • Aromablendz Orange And Green Tea Moisturizing Body Scrub
      • Aromablendz Foot Scrubs
      • Aromablendz Marine Salt Exfoliating Foot Scrub
      • Aromablendz Exfoliating Lavender Foot Scrub
      • Aromablendz Lemon Grass Foot Scrub
    • Aromablendz Body Treatment Packs
      • Aromablendz Mango Body Pack
      • Aromablendz Vanilla Coco Body Pack
      • Aromablendz Detox Herbal Body Pack
      • Aromablendz Blueberry Body Pack
      • Aromablendz Lemon Grass Body Pack
      • Aromablendz Vanilla Moisturizing Body Pack
    • Aromablendz Face Peels
      • Aromablendz Orange Peel Of Mask
      • Aromablendz Body Creams
      • Aromablendz Vanilla Shea Butter Body Cream
      • Aromablendz Moisturizing Almond and Aloe Vera Body Cream
      • Aromablendz Aloevera & Orange Moisturizing Body Cream
      • Aromablendz Tea Tree Body Cream
      • Aromablendz Foot Creams
      • Aromablendz Tea Tree & Lavender Moisturizing Foot Cream
      • Aromablendz Coffee Foot Cream
      • Aromablendz Peppermint Foot Cream
      • Aromablendz Saloon Hair Cutting Chair
      • Aromablendz Salon Chair CS 1006
      • Aromablendz Hydraulic Salon Chair CS 1027
      • Aromablendz Hydraulic Salon Chair CS 1013
    • Aromablendz Toiletries
      • Aromablendz Bath Kit
      • Aromablendz Eco Shower Gel
      • Aromablendz Eco Hair Conditioner
      • Aromablendz Eco Face Wash
      • Aromablendz Eco Range Hotel Toiletries Kit
      • Aromablendz Premium Body Lotion
      • Aromablendz Premium Face Wash
      • Aromablendz Premium Hair Conditioner
      • Aromablendz Premium Hair Shampoo
      • Aromablendz Premium Range Hotel Toiletries Kit
      • Aromablendz Premium Shower Gel
    • Aromatherapy Fragrance
    • Reed Diffuser
    • Aroma Reed
    • Aromablendz Candle Ceramic Diffusers
      • Aromablendz Diffuser And Candle Holder
      • Aromablendz Ceramic Diffuser 3 Inch
      • Aromablendz Vista Shape Diffuser
    • Aromablendz Candle Stone Diffusers
      • Aromablendz Fragrance Lamp
      • Aromablendz Stone Carved Diffuser Spa Accessories

    Some More Details

    Nature of Business

    Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Trader, Distributor, Supplier and Exporter

    Year of Establishment


    Propreitor Name

    Mr. Viraf Tavadia

    No. of Production Units


    Production Type

    Semi- Automatic and Automatic

    No. of Employees


    Warehousing Facility


    Working As An Original Equipment Manufacturer


    Central Sales Tax No.


    Value Added Tax Registration No.


    SSI No.


    Payment Mode


    Key Customers

    • Taj
    • Talwalkars
    • Jehanuma Palace Hotel
    • Sohum Spa

    Annual Turnover

    • 2012-13 Upto Rs. 50 Lakh.

    • 2011-12 Upto Rs. 50 Lakh.

    • 2010-11 Upto Rs. 50 Lakh